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My Mini Montréal Guide

My Mini Montréal Guide

If you’ve kept up with my most recent posts, you know that I’ve grown completely obsessed with Montréal. Being that its only a 5.5 hours drive away from home for me, the gorgeous city is a perfect escape. This French-speaking city is considered the cultural capital of Canada and rightfully so. I figured that on the heels of returning from my second trip there (in one month), a mini guide of the places I love is appropriate. To my readers who have told me that they’ll be visiting soon, I hope this helps you out. To those who haven’t made any plans yet, I hope this guide (as well as my Montréal Diary) inspires you to visit!

Danie_William Gray Steps.jpg

Where to Stay

To really dive into the deep end of Montréal’s French culture, I recommend staying in Old Montréal - the closer to Notre Dame, the better. For both of my stays, I used Airbnb Plus. Every home in Airbnb Plus must pass an in-person quality inspection in order to be listed. For a skeptic like me, it’s perfect. If you love the idea of a traditional hotel, check out these fab options:

William Gray Steps.jpg


  • Maggie Oakes - Located in the William Gray.

  • Brasserie 701 - Located in L’Place D’Armes. I highlighted this beautiful brasserie in Day 2 of my last visit.

  • Tommy Cafe

  • Maison Christian Faure - The perfect spot for an almond croissant and more traditional french pastries, which you can see more of here.

Brasserie 701 Avocado Tartine

Brasserie 701 Avocado Tartine

Brasserie 701_Latte.jpg

Daytime Activities

Jardin Botanique.jpg


  • Vallier Bistro

  • Olive & Gourmando

  • Mandy’s


  • Off The Hook (OTH) - Mens, Womens, & Products. Located inside Hotel William Gray.

  • Féline Boutique - Mens & Womens.

  • La Petite Garconne - Womens.

  • Boutique Tozzi - Mens & Womens.

  • Bagnoles et Bobinette - Kids.

  • Boutique Vestibule - Kids & Home.

  • Empire Exchange - Clothing & Products.


  • Paperplanes - I talked about this cocktail bar in this post. The La Dame en Rouge is a must have!

  • COLDROOM - Where the only way to get in is through an unmarked door. 




  • L’Usine De Spaghetti - Pasta Heaven. I previously wrote about it here.

  • Miss Wong Brasserie Asiatique

  • Nora Gray

  • Nama

Late Night/Nightlife

Jiao Dim Sum Bar

Jiao Dim Sum Bar

  • Jiao Dim Sum Bar - Open until 3am and the kitchen doesn’t close until 2. Also surprisingly home of the best DJ in the city (in my opinion).

  • El Pequeño - Canada’s smallest bar with room for just 9 drinkers.

  • Terrasse William Gray - The view of the ferris wheel is the best.

  • Modavie - Live music from an eclectic group of local artists.

C’est Fini!

I hope everyone reading this gets a chance to visit this city that I’ve fallen in love with and try out some of these places. If you do, let me know what you think! Until then…


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