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My Martha Stewart Inspired One-Pan Pasta

My Martha Stewart Inspired One-Pan Pasta

If Muva Martha said so, it is so.

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This past Monday, I decided to try out Martha Stewart's famous One-Pan Pasta and shared it on my Instagram story. I've watched Martha make it enough times that I didn't really follow her recipe to the tee and I definitely wanted to put my own spin on it. It came out SO good and I'll definitely be keeping this in my arsenal. A couple of people asked me to share something written down as to what I I absolutely will, of course. Please note: I measure nothing lmao.

Here's what I used:

  • 2 boxes of linguine
  • 1 pack of cherry tomatoes
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 2 instagrammably pretty bunches of basil
  • 4 bouillion seasoning cubes (mine were spicy chicken)

Here's what I did:

  1. Choose a pan big enough that you don't have to break your linguine. Everyone who has a show on the Food Network says that we don't break pasta. So we're not going to break any pasta, okay. Also make sure the pan is not too shallow...I foresee that going terribly during the cooking process.
  2. Coat the bottom of your pan with olive oil. Coat, not drown.
  3. Creatively arrange all of your ingredients in the pan. This is honestly the step that will make everyone believe that you know what you're doing.
  4. Cover everything with water. As soon as all of your pasta is completely under water, stop. Don't fill too much out of fear, because you'll be risking mushy pasta and real chefs like us do al dente.
  5. Boil and stir. The whole time.
  6. All done. You will know when there are no pools of water in the bottom of the pan and you test a noodle to confirm.
  7. Serve. I didn't need to use salt for mine because of how potent my seasoning cubes were, but at this point you may want to re-season.

How did my method differ from Muva Martha's?

  • She uses 1 whole white/yellow onion, thinly sliced. The only reason I didn't include onion was because I only had the red variety on hand and I just didn't want to go that route. If I had the type that I would've preferred, I would've went for it so I'm suggesting that anyone following this does.
  • Red pepper flake. I used the spicy chicken bouillon cubes, which are not a part of Martha's original recipe, as a flavor component so I didn't feel that this was necessary for me.
  • Parmesan cheese. I just wasn't feeling cheese that day lol, but she does grate a generous amount over her served plate at the end.

So try it out, let me know what you think, and please share if you do anything differently that turns out amazing.


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