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My Classic Red Lip

My Classic Red Lip

I posted this photo on my IG yesterday, and a lot of you asked for the makeup products I used. I am no MUA, at all, but sharing is caring. So here it goes...

If you're wondering about the "B", it stands for a lot in my life. My married last name,  Brunch Because & Backyard Bandits by TPG , and of course, Boss.

If you're wondering about the "B", it stands for a lot in my life. My married last name, Brunch Because & Backyard Bandits by TPG, and of course, Boss.


I really like Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Matte in 360, but in this look from 1 year ago, I know that I had on NARS Sheer Glow in Tahoe. I love this foundation. It's lightweight, the coverage is amazing, and it maintains a fresh, glowy finish which is what I prefer for my base. Either of these products are great when pounced onto the skin with a Beauty Blender.


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Ebony is my absolute go-to. The product, even with the perfect amount of waxiness for a brow product, glides on smoothly which makes it easy to work with and the spooly for brushing through the brow hairs is right there on the opposite end of the pencil.


Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer in Sand/Sable is one of my favorites - and that's not just because it reminds me of one of my best friends...Hey Sab! Haha. I blend it out on my under-eye area for brightness, but also use it to carve out my brows and make them precise. When I'm feeling extra ambitious, I'll blend a little up onto my cheekbones just to have them pop out that much more before contouring.

Setting Powder

The Bellapierre Banana Powder was my ride-or-die under-eye powder last year and I still use it today. I also love the MAC x Patrick Starrr Set Powder and of course, Laura Mercier. I'm not huge on baking - it feels way too dry for me, but I do use my Beauty Blender to press the powder into my under-eye concealer and proceed to dust off the excess right away with a fluffy face brush. I use the residual powder on that same fluffy brush to lightly dust my T-Zone.

Contour, Bronzer, & Eyes

When I'm doing my classic red lip, I like to keep all the "color" on my face pretty warm and natural. I don't use any blush but I do contour and bronze. I have two go-tos: the City Color Contour Palette and NYC's Mosaic Face Powder in 742A All Over Bronze Glow. Both have the cool contour shades and warm bronze shades that cut my cheekbone softly when combined.  I also take the bronzer around my forehead to create that "blown-out" effect.

Extra: Contour and bronzer shades are all I shadow on my eyes when I'm doing this look. The goal is to just enhance and warm up them, not to add different tones. I feel that this helps to keep the lip the star of the show.


If you know me, you know that this is my favorite part. I'm OBSESSED with the glow. My two favorites - Jouer Cosmetics' Rose Gold and Artist Couture Diamond Glow in Coco Bling. Try these. Then try them again. Then try them together.

Red Lip.jpg


For my red lip, I'm a fan of using a darker liner to start and filling in with a brighter red for dimension. For this, I use the NYX Slide on Lip Pencil in Brick House and then fill in with their Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard.

I really can't stand liquid lipsticks so I keep it very old-school when it comes to making my lips matte - I press paper towel or blotting paper between my lips after application (being careful not to smudge!) and reapply and repeat until my lips are as opaque as I want. If you haven't tried this grandma method before, trust me. After a few presses, close to none of the color will transfer onto your blotting paper.


I just raid the drugstore when it comes to mascara, honestly. Maybelline & L'Oreal ones are usually what I end up reaching for.

Setting Spray

I mist two at once, because why not?...and the two that work really well together for me are Urban Decay's All-Nighter and NYX's Dewy Finish. In my mind, the All-Nighter locks everything in for extreme staying power while the Dewy Finish by NYX keeps the look fresh and skin-like.

...and that's it! Comment below if any of these products I mentioned work for you and share how you create your classic red lip look. XO.


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