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Diaper Bags That Aren't

Diaper Bags That Aren't

My mother's "baby bag" for me was a vintage, cognac leather Halston traveler. She used it for my younger brothers (one of whom is 12 years younger than I am) and now, she is still able to use it as a weekender for trips.

The "mom" section of stores can be a little kitchy and most of the time will have you spending on things that are easy to get sick of in a few months. Diaper bags for parents are a huge deal - they're literally going everywhere with you. So I believe in making your baby bag one that you absolutely love AND can get use out of when you're not in parent mode.

A Classic Black Everythinger

Blushing & Feminine

Statement Red

Studs & Shades of Grey

Heavy Metal

Soft & Sporty

Fun Unisex Backpacks

My Personal Preferences:

  • Top zipper or any closing mechanism. I don't like the contents of a bag being 100% visible.
  • Stand-alone, defined shape that sits upright. Floppy is annoying.
  • Pockets over divided compartments. A spacious ground floor actually makes organizing easier for me because there are no limitations as to where belongings can go, especially with the good ol' Ziploc bag method.
  • Pouch Insert Bonus. This is so good for smaller items that you want to keep separated from the rest of the bag's contents - like pacifiers and teething rings.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Unisex backpack option for when hands-free is on the agenda or dad is the carrier.

I hope some of these options work for my parent/parent-to-be readers here. Should I do a post about my baby/toddler bag must-haves? Let me know.


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