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How I Maintain Balance

How I Maintain Balance

Like most adults, I have a lot on my plate. When something’s “gotta give”, it’s not going to be me.

Maintain Balance

I plan ahead.

Although having a schedule is a simple concept, it requires diligence. I plan ahead and do my best to avoid scheduling ANYTHING less than a week in advance. The time to prepare prevents me from feeling overwhelmed and having the set schedule leaves room for life’s emergencies. Things “popping up” are unavoidable, but stress is. I’m by no means the planner-carrying type (calendars function perfectly fine for me), but I need to know what’s going on in my own life and when.

I decline invitations.

You do not have to accept every invitation. I’ll say it again - You do not have to accept every invitation. You can decline for any reason you want to, and don’t feel the need to explain yourself. If the outing doesn’t make sense schedule-wise, financially, logistically, you’re simply tired, whatever… just say “no”. I decline invitations often for simply being protective over my time.

Story time: Recently, as in a few months ago, I was in a tense space with a friend and she wanted to meet to discuss. I told her “absolutely not”. I don’t hop out of my pajamas and leave home to spend money over a tense conversation. I leave home to run errands, make money, and have a good time. I told her that we could speak on the phone, come to a resolution, and then go out for a cheers. As my husband put it at the time, “That’s why those housewives are always fighting…leaving their homes for bullshit.”

Decline invitations.

I only work when I’m working.

This one ties in directly with my first rule being that I don’t allow anything work-related to infringe on my personal time without being scheduled, and I damn sure don’t take work home. Even if it means not conversing with anyone all day, I refuse to leave my office with any sh*t left to do for the day. The most that I’ll do at home is take a call for TPG when the client cannot do something earlier in the day, but other than that? Sorry. The Brain of Danie is closed. This is definitely not for everyone and 100% job-type and lifestyle-based, but I can control this in my life. So I do.

I protect my solitude.

Having a moment alone is necessary for sanity. It doesn’t matter how much or how little that you have going on - take a moment to sit and listen to your own thoughts. Ironically, I get these moments at work. Being in my office all day by myself is where I get my time to focus and just be. I’m admittedly ridiculous when it comes to how annoyed I get when someone knocks on my door or asks to come over. I throw a mental hissy fit, kicking and screaming silently until the invader leaves. I constantly have to remind myself, “Girl, you’re at work.”

You get the point, though, I’m sure. Whatever it is that you do to re-energize and center yourself, protect that.

How do you maintain balance? Is it even something that you pay conscious attention to? Let me know in a comment and until next time…


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