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My Amazon Picks: Thinking Spring

My Amazon Picks: Thinking Spring

Here in New Jersey, there is snow on the ground and more to come according to Google - we don’t trust weathermen anymore. Instead of griping, I’ve chosen to manifest the change in season into existence through early preparation. I’m thinking spring and here are some items that are perfect for a refresh.



A change in season is a great time to insert something new into your skincare routine. The flux in temperature, humidity, air condition, and levels of sun exposure can all affect the skin. In addition to maintaining a good diet and having a consistent care routine, there are two tools I love to help calm, soothe, and relax this precious dermis of ours.

If you’ve ever been a fan of cold spoons for eye puffiness, rinsing your face with icey cold water a la Naomi Campbell, or even sliding an ice cube on the skin to close pores quickly, you will love the Ice Roller by ESARORA. This is a cheapy and goodie. It massages, calms the skin from sun exposure, aids in dryness, and shrinks pores. It also supposedly provides some relief for migraine sufferers - I can’t personally attest to this one. I also give Beauty Bar’s 24K Pulse Massager two thumbs up. The vibration feature of the tool helps with the skin’s blood circulation which is huge for vibrancy and elasticity.

For the men:



The candle said it, not me. But seriously…Spring not only rescues us from Winter, but walks us into Summer. The citrus, basil scent of Baesic Supplies’ Calm TF Down candle is great transitional scent for entering easy-breezy mode. Another fantastic scent from this collection is Grapefruit Gangbang. I write with the understanding that all of you may not be as absurd as I am. Go for Lulu Candles’ Fresh Linen and Sweet Pea, Jasmine, and Apple when your goal is to usher in springtime freshness without making your visiting in-laws wonder who the hell their child married. Before any candles are lit, though, get that deep, Spring cleaning done with non-toxic products like the Puracy Natural Home Cleaning Set.


Spring is also an appropriate time to restock and switch out your basic linens. It’s always nice to keep crisp white sheets and spa-like white towels around.

Decorate & Entertain

I’m not suggesting that you completely redecorate your home in celebration of spring, but like clothing, a new accessory or two hurts no one. If you enjoy fresh flowers, bring in a couple of fun vessels for them to live in. I’m obsessed with Jonathan Adler’s New House Collection and the Mod Lines vases are adorably quirky and if you want to stick with the mod aesthetic, I love Sculpture’s tabletop vases. To be really efficient, have a set of basic cylinder vases ready to fill. A clean look that’s easy to work with and easy on your budget.

…and how sophisticated to actually serve your spirits out of a decanter? Can we just swoon together over Adler’s Chroma Decanters for one second? Thanks.


I finally have a reason to actually learn what it means to “decant”.


Essential Shopping List:

  1. Slinky, sexy short sets for weekend lounging.

  2. Fun, graphic tees for tucking into bottoms and wrestling your kid.

  3. Feminine dresses and skirts for all of the upcoming brunching.

  4. Spring-forward accessories to round out looks.

…and for Grey:

When it’s time to re-up on his everyday attire for school and just being the 2-year old that he is, I go for long-sleeve tee sets and soft shorts first. My boy can’t get enough of Captain Underpants these days, so just for kicks, why not add a cartoon tee? As long as he doesn’t attempt to follow suit (or lack thereof) and rip off his clothes in public, I’m fine.

Are you as ready for Spring to arrive as I am?

‘Til next time…


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