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Happy Birthday to Me: 1 Year Blog Anniversary

Happy Birthday to Me: 1 Year Blog Anniversary

1 year ago today, I opened my Instagram account and gifted myself this blog for my birthday. At the time, I was feeling lost in the shuffle of my life-given titles and ready fill my cup again. I wanted to create a safe space to express exactly who I am with no boundaries while giving others the opportunity to do the same.

Thank God that I made that decision 1 year ago.

In the past year, this blog has forced me to self-reflect in a way that I previously hadn’t. It challenged me to open up, accept myself for who I am, and consciously work toward becoming a better version of myself every morning that I wake up. Somewhere in the process my goal of just wanting to connect in a different form transformed into a wish to encourage just one person. As a wife, mother, full-time career person, entrepreneur, and human, it is easy to feel worn and torn - that is one line of life’s fine print that we can all relate to. So I implored myself to never be the reason that anyone who encountered me had a bad day and speak for anyone who felt silenced.

I had a blast and gained opportunities.

I was welcomed into the Amazon, REVOLVE, and affiliate families and it blew my mind that just sharing what I love could really throw some change in my wallet. Now, the amount I make can’t do a damn thing for my life, but even fifty bucks that I didn’t have before is money made honey!

I learned that I’m pretty good at making recommendations for a good time. I will never not be surprised by how many people engage with my #GottaGo posts. Your support on these silly posts allowed me the opportunity to join the team at Thirsty Magazine and being able to publish on a platform of such magnitude is more than I could have ever imagined.

All the while, I was adjusting to the Patient Care Operations position I accepted in my 9-5 back in October and working toward my PMP credential that I earned in December.

I sang this year in the key of “can’t stop, won’t stop” and honestly, I am proud of myself.

For all things, I am grateful.

I am rich because I have a lot to be grateful for. I have a family that I adore, friends that I adore just as much, work that I love, and life from God. In 10 years, if I have nothing more than what I have now, I will still have every reason to give Him thanks. I am well aware of every blessing that comes my way and your love and support is not lost on me. You do not have to come to this page, you do not have to read anything that I write. So thank you. I appreciate you.

May 24 2019.jpg

My goal for Year 2 will remain the same - to encourage just one person and to never be the reason that anyone who encounters me has a bad day. I will never stop trying to live up to that.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. I love you all…and not on some social media bullshit, on some this world needs more love shit. Cheers to us!

Love, Danie

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