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My Letter to Mothers for Mother's Day

My Letter to Mothers for Mother's Day

To my fellow mothers,

To the expecting mother who is terrified of this new journey that you are about to embark on, channel your nervous energy into pride knowing that you’re about to bless this world with something magical.

To the brand new mother who is making a ton of mistakes, don’t beat yourself up. Whether you have 1 child or 5, mothers make mistakes. Perfection does not make a good mother, love does.


To the working mother who feels guilty for not being present for every moment, it’s okay. Keep doing your best to balance this crazy life and one day your child will be old enough to understand how much you did to provide for them. Kill it at work and kill it at home - never let ANYONE make you feel like the two can’t co-exist.

To the stay at home mother who feels less than, you’re very much a functioning citizen. You have the hardest, full-time job that there is and you are admirable.

To the mother who feels like she lost her mojo, you’ll get there. Be patient with yourself as you are now more beautiful and dynamic than you have ever been in your life. Take a little extra time to make yourself feel special, there is no harm in it.

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To the mother who is on the outs of her circle, you’re surrounded. Every big change in life requires adjustment. Focus on those who encourage you, not those who shame you.

To the mother breaking from harsh criticism, your best is good enough. Trust your instincts, your gut is gold.

To single mother who has to play every role, we honor you. Your drive, ability, and tenacity will make your child as tough and resilient as you are.

To the grandmothers, aunties, and godmothers who help under the radar, we appreciate you. Thank you for being there for us, keeping us sane most times, and spoiling our children. You are the queens of the village that it takes to raise a child.

To the bonus mothers who believe they don’t count, you do. Loving a child that you didn’t give birth to is the ultimate display of unconditional love.

To the mother who lost a child, you are still a mother. Your voice and advice is welcome in any conversation and we need you too.

…and to those who are going through this day without a mother, please consider this a hug from me.

Happy Mother’s Day.



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